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Posted by Kimberley Bailey on December 10, 2018 at 2:20 PM
Kimberley Bailey

Here at Bannerwise we recognize and understand that the hunt for a solution to your many digital advertising needs can often be arduous and painful.

Of course, you’re not alone in this; many agencies face things like scaling issues, time-consuming processes, and a list of difficulties that are brought on by not having a developer at hand.

But, as corny as it may sound, there is a solution to all of these problems, and we want to show you that the solution actually does work -  with no traps, no tricks, and no pitfalls.

So, let’s introduce you to one of our happy clients - Leadrs - and demonstrate how Bannerwise has made their lives that bit easier.

Meet marketing agency Leadrs

These guys are in the top 20 online marketing agencies throughout Belgium, Netherlands and Luxemburg (or Benelux to some), and for twelve years they’ve been creating high-quality banners for a host of different clients. They pride themselves on producing banners which are not only visually superb, but which are also successfully built to attract the all-important click.

Like many other companies of their kind, Leadrs don’t have any developers in their team which can prove to be an obstacle when it comes to producing digital advertising and that’s a situation which might sound familiar to you too. But Leadrs now know first-hand that this is an obstacle you can overcome - and you’ll find that out for yourself as well.

Problems they faced

Leadrs found that creating the perfect banner ad took up a lot of their precious time (time that should’ve been available to spend on things like A/B testing), and even once the laborious creative process was finished they then found their ads were difficult to scale.

Without any kind of intelligent in-built tool to automatically generate common alterations it was near impossible to edit their banner formats simultaneously, which meant they were restricted to only making static banners or GIF banners and a set of those were taking double the time necessary to create.

As mentioned before, they also had no developers to hand and without this kind of technical expertise they were (as many marketers often are) limited to tools like Google Webdesigner and Adobe Edge which they have to learn to use from scratch (another load of hours spent).

On top of this, before they find a comprehensive and accessible alternative marketers have no real choice but to use Adobe Photoshop…But as you might have discovered, with Photoshop you can’t produce HTML5 banners, nor can you edit different formats easily at all.

Agencies everywhere - including Leadrs -faced identical sets of pains resulting in time-consuming, non-streamlined banner ad production. Therefore they see the number of their clients dwindle because the performance of their banners is limited and because it just takes so long (with traditional tools) to deliver.

This was, of course, before they employed the solutions that Bannerwise offer...

Solutions they found

Once the pains in their production process were recognized and once the shortcomings of their existing tools were identified, Leadrs were in a position to take advantage of Bannerwise’s services - ones which have been created and refined with people exactly like you in mind.

Leadrs found that utilizing the assistance of Bannerwise meant creating animated banners across multiple formats was super easy and really straightforward. They didn’t have to struggle with translating formats or investing too much time in optimizing images or codes. When they wanted to make a change to their banners as a set or for multiple networks or DSP’s they were able to do so in a simple click.

This also encouraged a serious leap in productivity for their company and a hell of a lot more time to focus on things such as versioning and A/B testing, building relationships with clients, and so on.

Let’s not forget performance either… display ad CTR benchmarks are generally really low - we’re talking 0.06% - so it’d take over 1000 impressions to yield just on clicks, therefore improvements and adjustments made, no matter how small, to the performance of a banner ad can make all the difference. Especially in terms of increasing the click-through-rate, higher conversion and lowering cost-per-conversion. With us at Bannerwise you’re also able to conduct A/B testing (amongst others kinds) and Leadrs discovered that because this opportunity is available they make use of it and benefit from it greatly.

The results speak for themselves

It’s clear that we could go on for hours talking about the advantages of using Bannerwise, but we believe it’s best left to our clients - like Leadrs - to explain a few of the ways that choosing Bannerwise has benefited them. After all, they would know!

  • They’ve saved 50% of their production time for static banners alone.

  • They made banner ads with HTML5, instead of Photoshop, making the implementation of changes in different formats so much simpler.

  • They have a lot of extra time to spend on A/B testing and the outcomes are higher conversions, and a great insight into the customer’s behavior and preferences - a valuable opportunity to really listen to the end user.

  • They’re able to create 70% more banners using Bannerwise.

  • They’ve been able to enjoy the fact that customers now feel more inclined to leave the banner ad creation to them.

Bannerwise gives you the freedom, support, technical advantages and solutions to ensure you are able to create the best-performing banner ads with the kind of ease and speed you’ve been hoping for. Oh and we’re a hell of a supportive bunch who will be with you every step of the way and provide fast actioning to your questions.

"We quickly added Bannerwise to our list of favorite tools. As an online marketing agency we regularly need new display ads for our clients and Bannerwise supports us with quickly creating creative banner sets whilst saving time and money."

- Roxanne Groenberg, Senior Internet Marketing Consultant at Leadrs

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