How to solve the problems of banner ad creation

Posted by Kimberley Bailey on September 18, 2018 at 3:12 PM
Kimberley Bailey

We’re all guilty, despite doctors staunchly advising against it, of searching for answers and remedies to our ailments online.

We have a mysterious pain somewhere and we ask ourselves what is it? Is it common? How do I fix it? And what’s it going to cost me?

No matter where we feel the pain that leads us to a daunting search, it’s really the hunt for the right answer and the fear of not finding the right solution that is always ultimately the biggest pain, in the arse.

At Bannerwise we know that, by and large, display marketing comes with its own aches… But more importantly, we know that it doesn’t have to.

How to solve the problems of banner ad creation

Problems you’re facing (the symptoms)

It’s likely that we don’t need to remind you of the pains felt in developing banner ads, but humour us and see if the following list of frequent roadblocks sounds familiar to you…

  • Feeling like you always need a developer by your side to make even small changes to your ads
  • A production process that takes up way too much of your time
  • Not enough freedom to experiment and play around during the creation process
  • Limited flexibility to adjust creatives while campaigns are running
  • And finally, a burning sensation… in your company’s pocket.

We’re going to hazard a guess that you’re not plagued by just one of these problems and that’s due to the fact that they rarely exist in isolation. There’s a chain reaction amongst a lot of these issues and this contributes to why something that should (and can be) so simple can appear to be a kind of overwhelming process, with an unsatisfactory result.

So, let’s take a look at the scenario forever niggling away at you…

What these problems look like (the patient’s story)

Unfortunately it’s not that rare to feel like creating a banner ad is something you can’t do without the assistance and knowledge of a developer, and this is could be because of the switch the advertising industry made from Adobe Flash to HTML5.

Let’s face it though, whatever the reason, manual coding isn’t a skill set that all possess (obviously)… So this means that outsourcing from a internet agency, or harnessing the talents of your in-house developer are basically the only two options you have to get your beloved banner up and running.

However, these developer requirements carry with them their own list of barriers too (because that’s all you need, huh?).

For sure, these super smart guys and girls are able to provide you, in a technical and practical sense, with the kind of banner you have in mind, but what about everything outside of the intricate, secret language of coding?

What about the endless meetings and discussions that can arise during the production process? Isn’t there the sense that once published you are committed to stick with what’s now live, ‘til death do us part? Do you truly feel you’re able to manage, measure and optimise the success of your banner?

It’s understandable that all of these questions could be giving you a headache. That’s all without reminding you of the cold, hard fact that creating even the most simplest of ads costs you time and money, both of which you might not have or may not be willing to spend.

When these problems aren’t solved (without treatment)

A niggling pain turns into a chronic pain without doctoring, right? You wouldn’t ignore a growing, ugly rash (or perhaps you would and – although we’re not medical experts – we’d advised you get that checked out) so, similarly, there’s no need to allow your current banner ad problems go untreated either.

“Making do” or settling for inadequate banner production builders, designs or management tools mean that you, as the marketer, have a product you’re unhappy with and a myriad of anxieties you’ve acquired throughout the production journey.

All in all, Bannerwise reckons you’ll be left feeling pretty under the weather and in need of a stiff drink (first round is on us, you deserve it).

How to solve your issues (the prescription)

Admittedly symptoms are often far easier to identify than they are to heal but Bannerwise understands that unmanageable banner ad production is unacceptable, and this has driven us to provide you the best way to cure them (no creams required).

Bannerwise is as empathetic as they come when it comes to your struggles and has revolutionised the whole process of building your banner campaign; from the steps it takes to produce, the time is takes to do it, the final result and the post-analysis.

The idea we have is that it’d be far better for you to get your banners out there in the most efficient, simple and successful way possible, by driving past all the complications and considerations and raising your middle finger to all the roadblocks laid out by other, current, out-of-touch banner ad systems.

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