Dynamic banner ads: make your target fall in love with you!

Posted by Lotte Bögels on February 14, 2017 at 1:57 PM

Get cozy with your customers this Valentine!

Valentines is the day of the year for the online marketing industry! It’s the one day when millions of people show their loved ones they care – regardless of their budget. It has become an absolute marketing and money making machine. But how do you make sure that your customers choose your product or service instead of your competitor’s?


Dynamic retargeting

Out of sight, out of mind – to establish a successful relationship with your beloved customers, never leave their side as they swoop over the internet. For several years it has been possible to retarget your audience with static banners: ads that display fixed content. However, in these data-driven days we collect a lot of additional information from our visitors – how can I use this information to improve my sales?

Dynamic display campaigns draw on an individual shopper’s browsing history. Let’s say your potential customer looked at some of your products/services, maybe he/she even put something in his/her shopping cart. Unfortunately, the customer left without buying anything. Based on your product feed, your dynamic retargeting ads will display the products that your target viewed on your website. This interesting for two reasons:

1 – The content is specifically personalized for this individual which makes this person more likely to click on your ad.

2 – Because these creatives are personalized, they always have relevant content which makes it possible to win the programmatic ad auction – at a much lower cost.

Valentine’s Day is a great time to start dynamic ad campaigns: compared to static banners, these ads are 2x to 4x more effective, writes Gabriele Kunert, chief marketing officer at QuarticON. Dynamic banners will lower your CPC, and improve your CTR!

How to create my dynamic banner ad

Creating a dynamic ad isn’t hard at all. Start with creating a product / service feed, based on your product catalogue. This can be an XML file, CSV or other format. A great tool for creating and maintaining product feeds is Channable.

Now it’s time to build your banner. Create a custom template with static and dynamic elements. Static elements can be a logo, intro message and call to action button. The dynamic elements can be the product selected for the user, product info and price. Finish with linking the dynamic elements to your product feed. With Bannerwise you can create your animated dynamic banner set in a matter of minutes!

Finally, set up your dynamic campaign in your ad network. Currently Bannerwise is compatible with Adform, Google Adwords, Google Merchant Center and DoubleClick. When your campaign is live, the ads are created automatically in real time. They will display the personalized product, price, discount and other important characteristics of the product.

Dynamic banner ads: make your target fall in love with you!

To illustrate how cool personalized campaigning can be, check out this awesome dynamic campaign created by Adcombi for Cornetto! They used dynamic retargetting to surprise the ice-cream lovers with a personalized love message – the campaign was a great success!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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