How cost-effective is display advertisement to traditional media?

The rapid development of new technologies creates a real challenge for marketers to plan and publish cost effective media campaigns. As any marketing campaign should be considered as an investment, you have to ask yourself, what advertisement medium will deliver the most “bang for my buck”?

To help you answer this question, we went ahead and compared online display advertisement to traditional media in terms of cost per ad space and potential reach.

why advertise online (Source: VantageLocal)

Online Display Ads are King

From a cost-effectiveness perspective, there is no doubt that display advertisement provides a great opportunity to reach a huge target audience, at a fraction of the cost for traditional media. Display advertisement is 10 times more cost-effective than newspaper ads.

In addition, offline media such as billboards or newspaper ads have a much higher production cost than online banner ads. If you consider the massive reach, low production cost, and high cost-effectiveness, there is no question that online display advertisement is an important tool for any business.

Outlook on the future

It's no secret that people are moving away from traditional media and spending more time online. According to Statis, the average person spent more than 4.2 hours online every day in 2014. A study published by OfCom found that in 2014, the average time spent online increased by 3.5 hours per week compared to 2013. With more and more time spent online, consider moving your advertisement efforts online to where your potential customers spend most of their time.

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