5 Reasons to use display advertising

Are you interested in growing your business, increasing your brand recognition or improving your conversion rate? Here are 5 great reasons why online display advertisement is worth the investment.

1 – Get more traffic to your site

Display advertisement makes it possible to reach out to a huge target audience. A study published by MediaBizo suggests that display advertisement can increase site traffic by up to 300%. This increased traffic will help to establish brand awareness and recognition and increase both online and offline sales.

Display campaigns will also have a positive impact on the search for your branded keywords. In addition, display ads have a much greater cost effectiveness compared to traditional offline media such as TV, radio, and newspaper.

2 – Increase your brand awareness

If you’re interested in increasing your brand awareness, display advertisement may be the most cost effective solution. Display ads increase brand awareness by continuously showing images to viewers whilst they are surfing the web. Ads don’t have to be clicked to improve your brand awareness. Exposing potential clients to your product or brand will help establish trust and offline recognition. De Cecco pasta was able to lift their brand awareness by 148% by just using display advertisement.

3 – Increase your brand recognition

Even if your display ads don’t get any clicks, customers will remember and recall your brand from your online display advertisement. This makes it more likely that customers trust your brand in the future. According to Vantage Local, using display ads to improve brand recognition can increase your audiences purchase intent by up to 44%.

4 – Get more conversions

Although the average click through rate of display ads are relatively low, display ads make up for this with the huge amount of impressions that are possible online. With an average CTR of 0.05%, it would take 100,000 impressions to yield 50 new conversions. equaling about 6 billion impressions every single day. On an average day, we spend around 4.2 hours online. With so much time spent online, online display advertisement presents a great opportunity to reach a huge number of new potential customers.

5 – Target the Right People

Targeting the right people can be difficult. Display advertising audience targeting will help you reach the relevant audience. This segmentation makes it possible to target individuals based on behavior, demographic, location and previous visit to your website also called retargeting. By providing relevant content to your target audience, you can increase sales, brand recognition, and traffic to your website. All this makes display advertising a great investment opportunity.

Icons for: Behaviors, Demographic, and Location

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