Upload HTML5 Banners directly to Google Adwords

At Bannerwise, we strive to make banner production simple and easy. We’re always working on improving our tool and making banner production less time consuming. Lucky for you, we have created an excellent new feature to make your life easier.

In order to save you some time and headaches, we’ve worked on an integration with Google AdWords. Nobody enjoys spending time on unnecessary handlings such as downloading and uploading banner sets.

Now you can publish your banners directly to your Google AdWords campaign with a single click. Take 1 minute to setup your own integration and let Bannerwise take care of the rest!

How does Google Adwords integration work?

It's super easy!

  1. Connect your Adwords account to your Bannerwise profile.

  2. In your overview, click “Export” on the banner that you’d like to export to your AdWords campaign.

  3. Now, select the banner formats you would like to export.

  4. Select “Google AdWords” in the list of DSP’s.

  5. Finally, choose the “Advertiser”, “Campaign”, and “Adgroup” of the AdWords account you would like to publish to.

Google AdWord

What are the Advantages of AdWords integration?

Our integration with AdWords makes publishing your banner sets easier and faster than ever before. By directly uploading your banners to your AdWords account, you save yourself a lot of unnecessary manual handlings and avoid time-consuming publishing.

With our awesome new feature, Bannerwise presents a simple and comfortable solution for banner production from creation to publishing. Now you can create, manage, and publish your own banner sets with just one simple tool. Benefit from an easy to use integration and directly upload your banners to Adwords. Bannerwise will make it possible.

Adwords Integration for MCC accounts

If you are an agency and using a Google Adwords MCC account we’ve got good news for you. MCC accounts are compatible with our new feature giving you the opportunity to publish banners to multiple different AdWords accounts. Now you can comfortably publish all your Adwords campaigns from a single easy to use platform.

Use Bannerwise to quickly publish banners in your Adword campaigns for all your clients and stop worrying about unnecessary downloads.

Stop wasting valuable time on unnecessary repetitive tasks and spend more time on what important to you. Start creating and publishing your own HTML5 banners with Bannerwise today. Our 14 day free-trial and Google AdWords integration will get you up and running in no time.

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