All you need to know about: Animated vs. Static Banners

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Are animated banners better than static banners? Both banner types have their advantages and shortcomings so it’s important to understand when it's appropriate to use either static or animated banners. We’ll show you whether you need static or animated banners!

First of all, let’s look at the pros and cons of using both animated and static banners. So, what is the difference?

Static banners:

Pro +

  • Cost effective
  • Less likely to clash with other content
  • Instantly deliver all relevant value
  • Little programming knowledge
  • Short loading time/ More visibility

Con -

  • No interaction
  • Less Content
  • Lower CTR

static banner

A static banner is a great choice if you have a simple message and an eye-catching image. Creating static banners is cost effective and fast and doesn’t require any coding knowledge to implement. However, on average, static banners have a significantly lower CTR than animated banners. So, if you;re looking for the best CTR, there is no way around animating your banner sets.

Animated banners:

Pro +

  • Eye-catching
  • Can even be interactive
  • Has room for more content
  • Higher CTR

Con -

  • Can take long to deliver relevant value or content
  • Requires coding skills to create
  • Animations might clash with other web page content
  • Takes more time to create

animated banner

On average, animated banners have a 7% higher CTR than static banners according to a study conducted by Rocketfuel. Animations are perfect for catching the eye of your audience. It’s important to be noticed; otherwise your banner will simply be overlooked. As a rule of thumb, always add animations to your banner ads. A little extra effort can go a long way to improving your CTR.

If you are thinking about using animated content, you should check out our blog article “static vs. animated banners”. This article will help you improve your animation timing to deliver the highest possible CTR for your banner.

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