Animated Vs. Static Banners Ads

When creating display banners you have to choose between animated, also called rich media, and static banners. This choice raises the question what type of banner will yield the best results. To make your life easier, we have taken a close look at performance, in terms of CTR, for both static and animated banners.

Let's be honest, when you compare a static and an animated banner side by side, it is clear that the animated banner will draw our attention more than its static counterpart. It makes us assume that animated content is always better than static content. Well, that is not exactly true.

To animate, or not to animate, that is the question

There is a lot of evidence supporting both animated and static banners. For example, a study of published by Webtrends found that static banners performed significantly better than animated content for four different advertisers.

Their results show that static banners have a CTR up to 0.38% higher than animated banners. On the other hand, an article published by eMarketer claims that animated banners deliver a higher CTR than static banners.

So what now?

Well, it turns out that both articles are right. When comparing animated vs. static content, we simply ignore the fact that an animation can be anywhere from 0 to 30 seconds long. And that is exactly where the problems lie. There is a huge difference between the CTR of a 3 second and a 30-second animation.

What about animation duration?

The reason static banners outperformed animated banners is simple. Excessively long animation durations take too much time to present a call

to action or relevant value. A well-designed static banner will, therefore, outperform a poorly designed animated banner. The key to creating animated banners with a high CTR is to limit the length of the animation to only include the most relevant content.

Limiting the length of an animation is crucial to increasing your CTR

A study by Rocketfuel highlights the huge discrepancies between the CTR’s of different animations length. Their results suggest that banners with animations between 6 and 9 seconds, have a 38% higher CTR than static banners.

The exact opposite is the case for banners with an animation longer than 13 seconds. Animations lasting over 13 seconds performed by far the worst.

If done right, animations are able to deliver significantly higher CTRs than static banners. If you decide to add extra content to your animation, make sure it’s relevant and valuable. Stay away from content that has no direct value for your audience.

If you want to improve your CTR, stick to straightforward, valuable content that is convincing and concise. Short animations are eye catching and immediately provide compelling information. In conclusion, animated banners are a great way to capture the users attention and offer a better CTR than their static counterparts.

Stunning animations made easy

If you have the time and resources, you should definitely consider adding animations to your banner. Bannerwise makes it easy to add eye-catching animations to you banners sets and increase your CTR with just a few simple clicks. Use our 14-day free trial and create your own animated HTML5 banners

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