Display Formats that will Improve your Banner Performance!

There are different sizes of banners, but these are the three most popular.The leader board (728* 90), medium rectangle (300* 250), and the wide skyscraper (160* 600) formats are by far the most popular formats for display advertisement and are commonly referred as “ The Big Three”.

“Popular formats are not always better formats”

Before settling on only using traditional formats in your banner campaign, consider these facts. 92% of all banner campaigns only use the big three, making these formats extremely competitive and costly to adopt. As 95% of all impressions are reserved for the big three, popular format sizes seem like an appealing choice. Don’t be deceived into advertising in a highly competitive environment when millions of impressions are also going to uncommon display sizes!

“Capitalize on uncontested impression with uncommon formats“

The popularity of the big three formats makes them the most expensive formats as advertisers increase demand and willingness to outbid each other. Uncommon formats come at a much lower cost per click with significantly less competition.

So what combination of formats will give me the highest click-through rate (CTR) with the lowest cost per metric (CPM)?

“Utilizing common and uncommon formats together provides the best return on investment”

It’s true! Data published by cpxi suggests that diversifying your display campaign will accomplish the best results. This becomes extremely evident when comparing the performance of single common formats, against the performance of three or even seven formats. Choosing to diversify your display campaign by adding additional uncommon formats can significantly improve your CTR and lower the CPM of your banners.

(Source: CPXi)

It’s great to know that adding additional uncommon formats can improve the CTR of my campaign, but how do I deal with the creative cost of producing extra banner formats?

Traditionally, creating additional banner formats was connected to a significant investment per added format. However, creating additional formats doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming.

“Say Goodbye to Costly Dependencies”

If you are still dependent on expensive designers, you should consider giving Bannerwise a try. With Bannerwise, you don’t need an expensive designer or hours of building, coding, scratching, adding and removing images and text from your banners. Simply select the format you want and we do the work for you – we always make sure that your branding stays the same.

“More Formats, More Clicks, Fewer Costs”

Although the big three common formats account for 95% of impressions, they don’t provide your campaign with the best return on investment. Instead of limiting yourself to just three common formats, add uncommon formats to your to banner set to increase your CTR.

Research knows it works, we’ve seen it works, and Bannerwise offers you the possibility to create all formats with one mouse click.

Image: Bannerwise Manager

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